About Us

About UE Local 506

For over 75 years UE Local 506 has waged an aggressive struggle on behalf of its members, which has resulted in substantial progress in wages, benefits and conditions. Our mission is to continue that tradition of struggle, so that we and those who follow us are able to live and work in dignity and security. We will continue to operate on the basis of democratic unionism and rank and file control to ensure that our mission is carried out.


U.E. Local 506

  • The United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE) was formed in 1936
  • U.E. Local 506 has remained the bargaining agent at Erie G.E. since 1937
  • The members of U.E. Local 506 throughout the G.E. Community Service Fund have contributed millions of dollars over the past several decades to the United Way of Erie County.
  • Many members of the U.E. 506 also help our community by donating spare time to worthy groups. Activities such as little league, scouting programs,volunteer fire departments, to name a few have been successful because of these efforts.