Special Election Notice



Special Election Notice 01/06/22
UE Local 506 Vice President / Recording Secretary, Billy Crawford, has decided to step down from his position. UE Local 506 Treasurer, Dave Chadwell, has also recently announced he will retire as of April 13, 2022. In order to fill these positions with time to allow for adequate training, Local 506 will be holding special elections. Nominations for Vice President / Recording Secretary and Treasurer will be accepted, from the floor, during the January 20, 2022 membership meetings. The special elections will be held during the February 2022 membership meetings to fill these vacancies, if there are multiple nominees.

Constitutional Duties of Vice President / Recording Secretary:

Section 6: The Vice President/Recording Secretary shall perform the duties of the president during his/her absence or in the case of the resignation or death of the President. He/she shall perform the duties until such a time as the vacancy is filled by an election as provided for by the constitution.
He/ she shall also preside when the president may be temporarily unable to discharge his/her duties.
The Vice President /Recording Secretary shall also record and keep the records of the meetings of the Local Union, including Executive Board, Membership and Stewards Council Meetings.
The Vice President / Recording Secretary shall be a member of the grievance committee and record discussions held at all grievance meetings with Local Management.
He/ she shall conduct all correspondence pertaining to this office. Also, perform other such duties, with the approval of the Executive Board, necessary to a proper and effective administration of the Local Union.

Constitutional Duties of Treasurer:

Section 7a. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to certify the finances of the Union. He/she shall check all receipts and disbursements.
He/she shall be authorized to approve and countersign all expense and payroll vouchers with the Business Agent. The Treasurer shall assure that all expenditures are recorded and make arrangements to send or distribute all payments.
He/she shall prepare and make deposits. He/she shall read the financial report at each membership meeting.
At the expiration of his/her term the Treasurer shall turn over, to his/her successor, any records of the Union that are in his/her possession.



Letter to Recall Members and Pref Hire

A letter was sent to all members on the current recall list and the Preferential hire list. This letter was to notify those individuals to register for the Wabtec website to see, and apply for, any 506 jobs available after Job bidding and recall list have been exhausted in that Job Classification.

If you are a Wabtec Employee on the active recall list, this will allow you to apply for job classifications you would not have recall rights to, in line of service. You will still maintain recall rights to the classification you left and production tech, if you don’t get the job. Legacy employees stay Legacy.

A Pref. hire will also be able to apply for the same jobs. Jobs will be award in line of service and qualifications. Wabtec employees on the active recall list will have first priority. Any recall member or Pref hire that has changed their phone number or address since they were laid off, please make sure you notify Beth Monacella @ Beth.Monacella@wabtec.com to update your information.