Labor and Community Leaders Letter

Dear Erie labor and community leader,

On February 25th Wabtec is scheduled to take over the GE Transportation Erie facility. We have been in negotiations with the company for over a month. The proposals the company still has on the table will destroy wages, benefits, and working conditions that have taken Erie workers and their local unions, UE Local 506 and UE Local 618, over 80 years to develop. Wages and benefits which helps to provide our community with a solid tax base and decent living standards and millions of dollars in profits to GE. Wabtec is attempting to destroy these living standards and put even more profits it in the pockets of the executives and shareholders.
We build some of the finest most durable locomotives in the world. Wabtec’s destruction of Erie wages and conditions have absolutely nothing to do with making the locomotive facility more successful. In fact, based on the history of huge concessions forced on workers by corporations and the gutting of standards in our communities across this nation, their actions will do just the opposite.
We will not let that happen and ask for your solidarity and support.
If there is a strike, we ask that you not cross our picket lines and withhold any support to the company for their operations. We, also, ask that you call or email Raymond T. Betler, Wabtec’s CEO at 888-264-0011 or rbetler@wabtec,com and tell them they should agree to a fair and equitable contract for Erie workers. Also, please stop by the picket line and offer your support and solidarity to our members.
To see the latest developments, go to UE Local 506 Facebook page.
Thank you for your time and your support. Together we can build a better Erie.

In Solidarity,
UE Local 506
UE Local 618