Letter to Recall Members and Pref Hire

A letter was sent to all members on the current recall list and the Preferential hire list. This letter was to notify those individuals to register for the Wabtec website to see, and apply for, any 506 jobs available after Job bidding and recall list have been exhausted in that Job Classification.

If you are a Wabtec Employee on the active recall list, this will allow you to apply for job classifications you would not have recall rights to, in line of service. You will still maintain recall rights to the classification you left and production tech, if you don’t get the job. Legacy employees stay Legacy.

A Pref. hire will also be able to apply for the same jobs. Jobs will be award in line of service and qualifications. Wabtec employees on the active recall list will have first priority. Any recall member or Pref hire that has changed their phone number or address since they were laid off, please make sure you notify Beth Monacella @ Beth.Monacella@wabtec.com to update your information.