Bulletin 3/23/20


The company has been given a waiver that allows the business to operate and supply renewal parts to support the railroads. We are requesting the details of the waiver from the Governor’s Office to understand the scope and ensure compliance. The company is working on compiling a list of areas they feel are essential and identify the workers not being temporarily laid off. We are also preparing to engage in effects bargaining over the continued operation of the facility and the impact on our members.
The membership, their families and our community’s health remain our primary focus. We have received multiple reports from employees regarding the lack of PPE and sanitation supplies. The union demands the company act responsibly and provide all proper PPE, sanitization, and implementation of all precautions necessary to protect its employees. The situation is fluid and the company has communicated they are doing their best to comply. Our concern is that supplies are in high demand and in low supply. The intent to comply is not good enough considering the severity of the situation. We will continue to provide updates as more information is provided.
Please continue to monitor uelocal506.com for updates.