Covid and Cobra Bulletin 04/26/21




In Plant Vaccine for Wabtec Employees Offered

We are pleased to announce that Wegman’s Pharmacy has offered to come to the Erie plant to administer the Moderna Vaccine to any Erie facility Wabtec employee or contractor interested. Employees on a temporary layoff can also schedule an appointment for the dates listed below. To provide this service, Wegmans requires a minimum of 50 interested individuals.

While there is no charge for employees, your insurance card must be provided. The first shot in the series will be administered at the Fitness Center in Building 14 on either Friday, May 7 or Friday, May 14. Appointments, masks and physical distancing are required. If you are interested, please click on the date desired to schedule your appointment:

The second shot in the series will also be available at the plant and will be scheduled in person at the time of your first shot.

Wabtec is not mandating the vaccine.

COBRA Subsidy

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARPA”) provides that, for the period from April 1, 2021 until September 30, 2021, if an individual’s Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (“COBRA”) qualifying event is an involuntary termination of employment or a reduction of hours (each, an “assistance eligible individual”), then 100% of the COBRA premium is paid by the employer, health plan, or insurer and the premium expense is reimbursed by the federal government through a refundable FICA tax credit.

Wabtec Human Resource informed the Union the updated COBRA notices are ready to send out and laid-off members should be receiving them in the mail soon. The notice will include guidance for members to reactivate their insurance if they opted out of COBRA at the time of their initial qualifying separation. Additionally, it will provide guidance to request reimbursements for April premiums and other advanced payments.

 If you have questions about your rights to COBRA continuation coverage, you should contact BCC’s Customer Service Call Center:

(800) 685-6100

June 22nd BRI


To assure you receive the trade benefits you are entitled, you will need to sign up for a TRADE BRI (Benefit Rights Interview)
Due to COVID-19 the first few meetings will be virtual meetings via SKYPE.

Step 1) Sign up here –
The Trade BRI will be held VIRTUALLY on Skype on Monday June 22nd, at 1:30pm.
Sign up above and you will get an invite via email within 48 hours. (If you don’t receive the email, check your Spam folder.)

Step 2) Fill out ONLY the highlighted sections of document, FORM 8-55 Print, sign, and get it to the Union Hall. This is how you will get your Trade Determination under Petition #93917. You must have a determination to use your trade benefits!

Step 3) Make sure you read over the Trade Handbook (UCP-11D)

Step 4) You will also need to PRINT and SIGN the UCP-11D form that states you have received and read the UCP-11D trade handbook (link above).
Step 5) Return the two signed FORMS (8-55 & UCP 11-D acknowledgment) to the UE 506 Union Hall PRIOR TO MEETING on June 22nd .
You must fill out the online SURVEY (Step 1, above) to get an INVITE to the Virtual TRADE BRI meeting. June 22, at 1:30pm. Make sure when you get the Invite via Email, that you check to see if you can use the SKYPE link either on your phone or computer PRIOR TO THE MEETING. The best way to do that…is before your virtual meeting. Check the link, and download the Skype APP or you can use the web browser link. It’s best to be able to “see” the presentation on the screen. More directions will be coming via email once you sign up above or HERE.
See you at your Virtual Trade BRI meeting on June 22nd at 1:30pm.
Important LINKS (if the links in the BLUE highlighted section above don’t work)
For additional information UE 506 website –
*Form 855 –
*Trade Handbook –
*UCP 11-D form –
For technical difficulties – email Bev at