BULLETIN 4/8/20 UNEMPLOYMENT ISSUES If members are having issues with unemployment please go to the following links and submit a request for assistance with the details of your concern. We have received dozens of phone calls regarding issues with filing biweekly claims, not receiving PIN numbers and questions that require guidance from a Labor & Industry representative. Under normal circumstances, we would assist members on a case by case basis. Due to the volume of unemployment applicants, our normal channels for assistance are not available. Submissions are answered in the order they are received. Please resist the urge to submit multiple inquiries. This will only back up the system and delay response. Be patient and be sure to thank the UC representative for their efforts during this difficult time. TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST FOR UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE, CLICK HERE: EMAIL: UCHelp@pa.govUCHelp@pa.gov CHAT: https://www.uc.pa.gov/Chat/index.aspxhttps://www.uc.pa.gov/Chat/index.aspx